Our purpose

The Valuers Education & Integrity Foundation (VEIF) is a charitable trust which was established to advance research and education in the field of real valuation in New Zealand. VEIF was registered in New Zealand as a charitable trust (CC53447) in June 2016.

We aim to support and encourage the supply of data to assist with public policy decision-making by offering research funding for public benefit projects that meet the Foundation Criteria.The research and information provided is independent and free of any political allegiance.

The overarching charitable purpose of the Foundation is to advance education in the field of valuation in a manner that has a public benefit. The Trust aims to commission, fund and resource quality and robust research and educational material within the scope of property valuation and property related issues.  The intention is for research outputs to be of practical use with a focus on current or emerging property and valuation issues, to develop new methods and critical thinking and to fill knowledge gaps.

To view the annual report as required by Charities Services New Zealand, click here. 

To view the full deed of trust click here.

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